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Veterinary Care and Grooming Services

vetIn the many years I spent working as a Certified Veterinary Technician in private practice I gained invaluable knowledge that has helped me to enrich the lives of many pets. My 10 years working in an emergency veterinary hospital has given me a cool head and the ability to assess critical situations. The evolution of veterinary medicine has resulted in our pets living longer healthier lives and has also allowed for the management of animals with medical conditions to be maintained in their home environment. Whether it is preventative medicine or necessary to the life of the animal, not everyone is comfortable with administering the prescribed care. I am trained in everything from wound care and bandage changes to applying flea and tick preventatives.

Part of the care for some pets includes grooming needs. Although I have worked with a number of amazing groomers over the years, none of the artistry of clipping rubbed off on me! However, grooming also includes nail trimming, ear cleaning, skin care and other necessary tasks. Lack of proper grooming can lead to unnecessary health problems.

Our veterinary care and grooming services include insulin injections, ear cleaning and treatment, wound care and bandaging, nail trimming, wing clipping (remember, birds need grooming care too), fluid administration, fecal sample collection, skin fold cleaning, oral medicating, topical medicating and much more.

All of our veterinary care will be administered under the direction and with the guidance of your pet’s veterinarian. Helping you to follow through with the instructions of your veterinarian, on the path to your pet’s best health, is our goal.

We are sure you understand that our intention is to never cause undue stress to your pet. That being said, if your pet responds negatively to any treatment or we feel that your animal’s health is endangered by our attempts we will discontinue our actions and suggest an alternative.

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