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Paws & Claws of Charlestown

We are an established dog walking/ pet sitting service that offers a full range of animal and plant related care, exclusively for Charlestown, Mass. residents. Our home base is located in Charlestown which allows us the ability to offer reliable service in close proximity to your companions. The complete care and comfort of your pets is our main objective. With many years of veterinary training as well as animal care management in our background, P&C will be able to meet the needs of you and your pets, including exotic species and plants. Your pet will never be safer than with us at the other end of the leash or litterbox or fish tank or…etc. The health and well being of your animals is our job and we take that very seriously…with just enough silliness to make it fun for them too! Affection is no extra charge!





Please take a moment to read more about us and visit our service tabs above. If the service you require is not listed, email us.
We look forward to working with your pet and are committed to providing the quality care that will keep them happy and healthy for years to come.

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By email:

By phone: (203)258-9568, the area code is CT but we are located in MA.

Fully Bonded and Insured

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"Jim and his team have been a wonderful asset to our lives in Charlestown. They are reasonably priced, extremely reliable and really on-top of things, even going so far as to let me know when my apartment was found unlocked, etc. They really go above and beyond. Their communication is amazing, I know they are busy, but the little updates I get about Cocoa (my dog) and her walks, who she is making friends with, etc., are really fun to read. I trust them 100% and feel fortunate to have found them as dog walkers!"
- Caroline Ervin

"Jim has provided customer focused quality care to our cats Coco and Bill since day one; he has been very flexible and responsive. Jim's depth of knowledge in veterinary care is unique and convinced us about his ability to handle untimely incidents, as needed.
Jim tailored his schedule to align with Bill and Coco's. His friendly and warm nature helped us accept him immediately and we look forward to a long and rewarding partnership. The Charlestown neighborghood is really lucky to have Jim."
- Monna L.

"Jim and Tania have been caring for our dog, Kopper for many months now and they occasionally look after our cats when we are away. All of our pets have enjoyed the highest level of care from Paw and Claws and I have experienced first-hand the excitement of our dog when seeing Jim out in the neighborhood. Communicating with Jim and scheduling walks and visits is so easy. Jim is very reliable and I know that our pets are in the best of hands!"
- Kop's family

"Jim began walking our dog Franklin just before we learned we were expecting our first child. Although no one else knew we were expecting, Franklin seemed to have a sixth sense that something was happening. In those early weeks and months, Franklin became a bit standoffish – in sharp contrast to his usually social self. Although Jim hadn’t known Franklin for long, he also noticed this subtle change and asked if anything was different at home that could be causing Franklin’s new behaviors. We shared our good news with Jim and immediately he began working with Franklin to reduce the stress Franklin must have been feeling. Soon after, Franklin relaxed and adjusted. Then, after the baby arrived, Franklin changed again. This time, he became very protective of our house and his new baby brother. Again, Jim worked with Franklin – incenting him to stop barking when leaving and returning from walks with commands, positive reinforcement, patience and of course, treats! Almost five months later, Franklin now transitions calmly from his daily walks with Jim without alerting the whole neighborhood. Jim’s intuition and willingness to get to know Franklin and our family made all the difference."
- Franklin's family


Paws & Claws of Charlestown
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Fully Bonded and Insured