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squirrelSmall Mammal Care

Ferrets, hamsters, mice, bunnies and the like have been popular pets for many years. Small mammals have always been thought of as low maintenance pets, however, they each have their individual needs as a species and as unique personalities. Most species kept as pets are nocturnal and some like their care to be done during dark hours so they can interact with their humans, others would prefer to sleep through their cage care and are shy around people. Either way we will work with you to meet the needs of the small mammal that shares your home.

In recent years, more exotic small mammals have become common. We have plenty of experience with exotics such as sugar gliders, chinchillas, squirrels and have personally kept hedgehogs and prairie dogs. If we haven’t worked with the species you own I am certain that we have knowledge of the species and are willing to adapt and learn their care requirements.

Our small mammal care services include feeding, cage cleaning, breeding colony care, offering enrichment and playtime if your pet will benefit from the interaction.

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