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Plant Care

gardenAs I spent time learning about animals it was only natural that I gain knowledge of plants. The English cottage style garden that I designed and tend back home in CT is 9 years mature and blooms amazingly throughout the season. I am in the process of certifying the garden as a National Wildlife Federation Backyard Habitat and have begun planting more native species to support native wildlife. Our milkweed patches and Dutchman’s pipevine are maturing and beginning to become inhabited by butterfly caterpillars. I am more than happy to share my gardening skills to care for your outdoor spaces while you are away.

In addition to outdoor gardening I have also kept and propagated many species of house plants and am familiar with a wide range of tropical plants such as bromeliads, orchids and the like. I often use house plants in species enclosures to give the animals a more natural habitat. Every window in my home is crowded with plants. I definitely feel that it improves the air quality and their presence is pleasing to the eye. The years I’ve spent learning about plants has provided me with the ability to care for your plants whether you have a few or a greenhouse full.

Our plant care services include watering, feeding, and light garden maintenance.

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