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reefThe soothing effect an aquarium can have on a room has made keeping freshwater and marine fish, invertebrates and plants a huge hobby. Early on in my career I worked at a large live animal brokerage for the pet trade. Aquarium flora and fauna as well as reptiles were our specialty. It was an intimate introduction to species from all around the world. My responsibilities included acclimating the animals to their new environments and subsequent care. In addition to the husbandry, I selected and packed the animals for shipment to shops around the northeast. Through contact with others in the industry in addition to my first hand experiences I learned how best to care for aquarium species in the home environments.


Fish, invertebrates and plants often have very different needs in the captive aquarium. In some cases all three are present in one environment and require different foods and feeding methods. We have experience with the needs of many species and are confident that we will educate ourselves on those we are not familiar with in order to properly care for them in your home aquatic environments.

fishOur aquarium care services include feeding, target feeding, live feeding, light tank maintenance, and fry care.

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