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Avian Care

With a long background in bird husbandry and avian veterinary medicine we are capable of offering quality care for any species of bird. I (Jim) actually share my home with a Senegal Parrot named Darwin. He was a cute bundle of happy feathers when he came home at 4 months old and has been with me for 17 years. ..and we look forward to many more. I have had the pleasure of working with everything from captive finches and macaws to farm fowl, emus and injured birds of prey. Each species brought me an education in avian care that will allow me to provide your birdie buddies with the care they require.


As a lifelong bird owner I am well aware of bird behavior and how to interpret their signals. Large parrots can often be bonded to one person and can give a substitute caregiver a run for their money. Being one step ahead of the bird has kept both my avian friends and me safe and happy.

Our avian care services include feeding, hand feeding, cage cleaning, aviary care and incubator monitoring. Please visit our veterinary care services button to see the other avian care we offer, such as wing and beak trimming.

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